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Freshen Up.

August 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

So it's pretty obvious I have been on a hiatus, but for good reason I promise.

I'm now interning with ACCLAIM magazine, and freelancing as a stylist. 
So I've been busy busy working hard for my dolla$ and I'll be able to share some of my work with you soon.

But for now here is a sneak peek at some outtakes from a recent shoot I styled.

Keep an eye on the blog for upcoming Melbourne Spring Fashion Week content as well.

Jamie x

Raver Days.

August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

I CANNOT wait until the new Di$count Universe swag hits stores.
You can grab a few of these items already from the EstateofMind store in Sydney, or online here
I'll be getting those crazy slides on my feet ASAP. 

via here

London Collections: Menswear Trend Report

July 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

LCM: Trend Report. 

It’s a boy girl thing. 
The art of gender blurring has hit both sides of the fashion fence. Women toughening up with some androgyny and men getting feminine in fluid fabrics. The LCM catwalks proved formal masculinity is reaching new dreamy, sensual proportions, and they look damn fine doing it. Besides the shapes the palette has also embraced it’s feminine side with heavy dark colours being substituted for light and airy pastels on delicate fabrics. There is no longer a definite line between menswear and womenswear as designers embraced the current blurriness to create pieces that are coveted by both sexes. It’s wardrobe envy both ways and it’s time to remember girls and boys, sharing is caring. 

See J.W Anderson, Astrid Andersen, Martine Rose, Shaun Samson

Denim Dreams

If denim on denim wasn’t satisfying enough its now become printed denim on printed denim, and who better to pioneer this brilliance then the denim saviors from Marques Almeida. A clear extension of the women’s line, and embracing the same attitude; an obsession with teenage years, the menswear collection is cool, raw and has a slightly defiant vibe. Universal and unisex, the denim duo is a dream for all. 

Glitter guys.
Anything goes for these guys, glitter hair, florescent rubber, PVC and an acid trip. These ravishing ravers got it oh so right in youthful club attire intertwined with fetish style fabrics and sporty silhouettes; slouched crouches, elastic waistbands and skin tight layers. A boyish adolescence was set alight with graphic prints and new fabrics and continued the popular 90’s vibe whilst also creating a portrait of a new fashion youth. 

See Christopher Shannon, SIBLING, Bobby Abley, Richard Nicoll. 

Clinical culture
Minimal men but maximal drama as the dudes clean up in clinical clothing. Unfinished hems, exposed seams eluded to a somewhat industrial idea of menswear. It was clean yet gritty, dirty yet sleek. 

See Matthew Miller,  Lou Dalton, SIBLING 

The Matrix
Space-age meets sport-chic to create a legion of Neo’s with ensembles fit to destroy the Matrix. Data cable patterns and frequency prints, over bomber and tracksuit style athletic gear with mesh and sheer details. Redefining two popular trends into one. 

See James Long, Craig Green

It’s a lads world.
It wouldn’t be LCM without the appearance of lad attire. The quintessential collared shirts, clean-cut shorts and a preppy boyish charm was celebrated with an edge. Floral and pastel prints added a crisp carefree attitude to the tried and tested style. Not to mention the perfect tailored suit. Burberry returned to menswear proving the dapper dude is still current. You can’t go wrong.

See Margaret Howell, Paul Smith, Rag & Bone, Alan Taylor, 

Dark dudes. 
Vampiric broody boys glided down the Alexander McQueen runway in gothic procession. The show articulated the longevity of this new goth trend is still going strong and Sarah Burton proved she can make any style her own. The gothic lace laser cuts draped over full length jackets that occasionally shed a glimpse of a skull pattern.  Paired with the beautiful and intricate print details were tailored suits embroidered with black roses and the grungy additions of cobweb like-knitwear. It was dark moody perfection. 

See Alexander McQueen. 

All images & video via Dazed Digital. 

Fluffy Slippers.

July 8, 2013 in DIY

Meet my new feathered friends.
I made these fluffy slippers using Marabou feathers, and was pleased with the outcome and obsessed with them I then made a flatform pair in white! 
I don't care if I get scared when I take these babies out for a spin, they are just too damn good. 

Also, I have a new obsession with the app gifboom and as you can see below created a lil gif based around my new fluffy slippers. 

Goodtime Studios & Atelier Present RMIT 2012 Grad Pop-up Store.

July 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last weekend at Goodtime Studios in Melbourne the 2012 Graduates from RMIT hosted a launch party and pop-up store to sell their wears.
I went on over for a browse and shot some stuff for you guys to take a look at.
It was great to see the talent that keeps being produced at RMIT, and to see events like this more regularly would definitely benefit the up and coming designers and artists in Melboure. 

Featured RMIT Students:
Tanya Rapaic
Jovana Margetic
Lauren Slaviero
Sunjit Bhatt
Hannah Fry
Fozia Akalo
Perle Gorjux
Jack Hancock
Amanda May Lee
Wei Lan
Nixi Killick
Inès Carmody Fowler
Lauren Bardin
Simona Roeder
Marek Marchi
Kara Liu
Jiwon Ahn

Menswear Collections/Fashion Week GIFS.

July 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Until I have time to get through all my trend reports from the past few menswear collection fashion weeks (I have only done LCM so far-they are all just too good!), I thought I'd tide you over with some awesome Gifs created over at Dazed Digital. 

If you haven't checked it out already, their fashion section is the best option to get your menswear round-ups. 

London Menswear Collections. 

Christopher Shannon.

J.W Anderson

Craig Green

James Long

Astrid Anderson. 

Milan Menswear Fashion Week. 



Calvin Klein


Jil Sander.


Paris Menswear Fashion Week. 

Comme des Garcons.

Dries Van Noten.



Louis Vuitton.

Raf Simons. 

E-Boutique Brilliance.

July 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Hit List. 

I'm loving all these independent highstreet-priced e-boutiques at the moment.
 ChoiesFrontRowShopRomwe and Stylenanda sell the most design-forward stuff for a girl on a budget. 

Fast fashion isn't really my thing, but these sites are great if your looking to jump on board with a current trend but don't want to break the bank to do so. Besides allowing you to purchase those quick fixes they of course also provide lot's of timeless basics and covetable pieces that will stand the trend test of time. 

They do of course take faux-designer options to the limit, some are almost 100% identical to it's high fashion counterpart. But I don't want to hear and tssking, pffts or booing at the screen as you read this or scroll through the sites. 

These high end designers put in numerous amounts of money, time and effort to make their products covetable, but they are only accessible to a minute percentage of the people that covet them. So it's only a natural progression-and a very common one in today's fashion landscape-that high street retailers and e-boutiques are going to offer you a lust worthy substitute. 

I also find this much better than wasting money at your Sportsgirls and Cotton Ons for something that is similar but really just a poor rip-off job. Yes you may end up paying a little more-shoes especially-but it's totally worth having an almost identical pair than a dodgy half way there substitute. 

Also, as an avid DIYer, this is also a great way to pick up those things you just can't diy. 

Saying all the above, I want to be able to add LowClassic to this list. Their clothes are simple with a twist, sort-of & OtherStories in feel. But although the basic navigation of their website in temptingly written in English, it's a Korean website and thus you can end up hitting some bumps when it comes to purchasing. 

Another edition should most definitely be Jessica Buurman, her shoes are almost identical to that of their high end templates; for example she did a version of those out-of-this-world Celine fur heels! 

But I'm sure we all agree when it comes to online shopping we rarely stop anything from letting us add to cart and checkout. 

If you have any more stores to the list comment below so myself, credit card and wardrobe can benefit! 

DFO Shopper Of The Year 2013.

July 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello my lovelies, I'd appreciate if you could all follow this link and head on over to the Shop Till You Drop website and vote for me as 2013's Shopper of The Year!

You can also see my image across a few Australian Magazines, Shop Till You Drop, Clea, Cosmo (for me see website).

I'd love to use the $5,000 prize money to turn the blog into a website and online store, and of course invest a little back into the wardrobe!

Much love,

Jamie-Maree xxx

Glitterarti Party.

June 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

It's very rare that I share images based on my personal activities, but I recently attended a good friends 21st and some of the images I was able to quickly snap in the breaks where I wasn't going silly with glitter and eating cupcakes were just too fun not to share with you guys.

The party's theme was 'Glitter', and when I got the invite I instantly thought 90's spice girls, ravers and holographs were gonna be my outfit's inspiration.

I DIY-ed another holographic t-shirt especially for the event, adding some sequins which was different to my first T and which I actually really liked. 

I then went crazy at Lincraft  buying stickers, rhinestones and glitter.  

Handy tip for the glitter eyebrows, don't use glitter face-paint the stuff is a pain-takes forever to dry and is really runny-instead use hair gel and normal glitter specks. Simply smooth your eyebrows with gel with a small makeup brush then dip into glitter and coat your eyebrow-PRESTO! 

I had so much fun playing around with glitter and rhinestone I have been contemplating whether I can get away with it in every-day life...what you think?

My holographic T + Sportsgirl & Air To My Earth rings + Lincraft stickers 
Quick selfie snap
A roaming polaroid documented the night
Serious glitter.

The Birthday Girl! 
People getting their makeup done by Barbies head! 
Glitter & plastic bags?
Glitter eyelids 
Me and the best friend getting snapped by the polaroid as we snap the person behind the lense 
Too much glitter to clean up
Just coz.

He DIY-ed this! 
The finished holographic T
Standard shots 
I got caught Instagram-ing! 

Oversized Outfit Post.

June 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

As you can probably tell from previous outfit posts I pretty much stick to a monochromatic palette when dressing. 

I have always been a black on black kind of girl, some might say it's predictable, others might say it's from growing up in Melbourne where black is the uniform, but I feel black and white tones are just far more sleek. 

I'll do black on black, white on white and black and white and never anything else.

Now don't even begin to think that's boring coz it aint. 

It means you end up with a wardrobe of interchangeable pieces and rarely ever find yourself glaring at your wardrobe and professing you have nothing to wear.

Even better, it forces you to invest in a variety of materials, cuts, shapes, and textures and to play with this by mixing it all up when styling your outfits. 

Now that I'm more than comfortable with my style (it takes a while to truly find what your comfortable in and I feel it's better to do that then trying to always dress for trends) I know what suites me  but because I'm working with a minimal palette I'm also a bit more daring when it comes to my choices. 

I have been dressing quite androgynous lately and it's quite freeing not to worry about feeling feminine, therefore I have been choosing alot of shapeless oversized pieces as of late and one of my most recent investments has me even more in love with doing it like a dude.

Now, dressing androgynous doesn't ensue you have to lose your edge, you can still toughen up your look and give it that fasshuun that only a girl would, it just means paring it back a little.

My below outfit shows where I'm at at the moment, leathers and oversized shapes paired with simple jewellery. 

I'm especially loving my new septum ring Asos additions ala Givenchy. 

Topshop Unique jumper
Topshop mesh jersey t-shirt
H&M boots
Mossman leather pants
Asos septum nosering
Equip gold choker
Estelle Deve shark tooh ring
Karen Walker delicate skull ring
H&M assorted plain band rings

Denim Dreams: Faustine Steinmetz.

June 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

So I may be having more than a moment with denim.
The obsession love affair seems to be unwavering as my tastes continue to be redefined when it comes to this wonder fabric.
Faustine Steinmetz particularly has introduced me to a whole new world of denim, where the  texture of the fabric becomes the hero, recreating the staple 501 jean and jacket styles into something fashion forward and fresh. 

Redesigning the typical blue jean into something more covetable and ever more eccentric Steinmetz's jeans take on a 'fluffiness' alongside raw hems that emphasise the grungy street vibe denim seems to encapsulate as of late.

That is, with the resurge of denim in a big way on the fashion forefront, being used to construct a variety of pieces to be worn on top of each other-ala denim on denim perfection-denim has been repositioned as a fashion icon that is both stylish but also still maintains it's street appeal. 

And this is where Steimetz inspiration comes from. 

She say's they don't work around themes but around pieces. In this instance the recreation of the 501 denim jean. 
"When we chose which piece to reproduce, we taped it to the wall and studied its properties…What sort of variation is in its colour? What kind of texture does it have? What sort of weave is it? How do its edges unravel? 
After that we just tried to weave different samples which would imitate it’s colour, and the way it frays but would have quite a different texture…We wanted to create a real contradiction between its woollen, thick and flimsy fabric and a perfect reproduction of a classic 501′s cut and details."

But why the 501? The AW 13 collection draws from the outfits/costumes of film 'La Haine', The tracksuits, jeans, denim jackets and backpacks worn  by the characters portaryed within because "for us [Steinmetz] that’s what most people still wear everyday…Tracksuits, jeans, denim jackets, backpacks…

I  myself grew up in Paris’s suburb and for me fashion was a Lacoste tracksuit in bright yellow and a pair of Air Max until quite an advanced age unfortunately…So I was very interested in making a luxury version of those". 

Thus recreating the simple pair of 501 denim jeans, re-making it from scratch – from hair, to yarn, to fabric, to garment – even the brown label and the red tab have been handwoven.

"Reproducing entirely a piece of clothing that anyone can buy anywhere was a really important process for us – it makes you realise how much craftsmanship has disappeared from fashion as we wear it everyday."

Unsurprisngly then Steinmetz states it's creating things that aren't as they seem that drives her. Working from her East London studio spinning, dying and weaving there own fabrics, as well as creating textiles from used objects and clothing, all with the hope of reworking iconic pieces into something fresh and knew. "We work towards producing series of anthemic pieces, which say something, something about you, something about fashion, something about art, something about us".

I specifically like the lo-fi minimalist styling of both the look book and the AW13 campaign video. Both sleek and fuss free whilst still portraying that street-style aesthetic behind the collections inspiration. The surveillance camera style shooting of the video also gave some melancholy to the collection, reminding me growing up in the 90's where anything was fair game. 

It's for certain the collection says something and that is that indeed there is still new levels, depths and areas that fashion can still expand and development into. Moreover that no piece is sacred if designers begin to look at fashion in the way that Faustine Steinmetz has; that any piece can become iconic in a new way, and I believe it would be for the better. 

images via here & here. 

SRC 783 Issue 1.

May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

You may remember my post a while back on the magazine brain child that is SRC 783 and it's Issue Zero.. well another issue has just hit shelves in Melbourne's Mag Nation and online and boy it's RAD. 
The content is just as fresh and editorial's just as ridiculously style'n. 
Plus it's blessed by the likes of Grimes, Steph Bambi & Anja.
Here is a few sneak peeks from the glossy pages. 

Holographic Outfit Post.

May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Holographic Heaven. 

Excuse my absence as of late, I have been struggling with a pesky cold that seems to be intent on staying with me in the cold Melbourne weather. 
But my time indoors recuperating has given me a chance to get onto some DIYs, including making up some of these holographic t-shirts for selling.

P.S Sorry I look so shabby but this is the best I could conjure up considering I'v got the sniffles :( 

Hello Parry leather pants.
H&M boots.
H&M holographic clutch.
DIY holographic t-shirt. 

Sleek Celine Outfit Post.

May 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sleek Celine

I am obsessed with these fur lined Celine slides.
Featured in the SS13 collection these cuddly creations were purring my name.
But of course with such a high price tag a girls gotta compensate so I picked up these Adidas babies as a substitute. 
I am however looking at a DIY fur lined version so keep checking back.
This is for certain one of my more relaxed outfits and it actually felt nice to not be in heels for once! Plus the shapeless boxiness of my leather track pants and top helped me give off an androgynous vibe, something I am also obsessed with at the moment.

Images via Vogue, Celine fur slides surrounded by kitten image my own. 

Topshop jacket
Hello Parry leather pants
Sportsgirl leather top
Adidas slides
Celine bag
Estelle deve tooth ring
Assorted H&M simple rings

MBFWA The Innovators Profile: Elissa McGowan.

May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

MBFWA The Innovators: Elissa McGowan

IN part two of my MBFWA Innovators profile series, I spoke backstage with Elissa McGowan. 
Photo: Jamie-maree Shipton
Photo: Jamie-maree Shipton
In the lead up to our chat, I only managed to find a bit of information about new designer Elissa McGowan, and what information I did find didn’t do her or her designs justice.
The complexity behind the inspiration for Elissa’s collection is something you don’t come across in fashion too often. It’s an instance where fashion delves into another world and where the creations result in something dreamlike and beautiful.
It was no wonder then that the main inspiration for Elissa’s collection was surrealist painting, the ideology behind surrealism and in turn the subconscious of creating such surrealist expression in both paint and fashion.
The collection was fittingly titled ‘Pure Psychic Automatism’, which is essentially the definition of surrealism.
Instead of a paint brush, Elissa’s canvas is developed with a needle and thread. It is with these tools that she explores texture and sculptural cuts through a psychedelic and surreal approach. The time involved in the creation of Elissa’s collection is equal to that needed to create a surrealist masterpiece, and I find her backstage still working on it.
Photo: Jamie-maree Shipton
Photo: Jamie-maree Shipton
I am initially intrigued about what it is about surrealism that Elissa finds so appealing in her design process.
“I reference nature a lot and I think there is a parallel between a realism in nature, in terms of its forms, and it being quite organic. So for me, it was a natural progression to look at surrealism,” Elissa explains.
She applies a painterly approach to the development of her garments, ensuring her organic shapes are employed within the constraints of cleanly sculptured lines. It is this juxtaposition between organic and sculptured line and shape that represents the surrealist element of her collection. Elissa makes her organic and painterly lines exist in a sharp tailored garment, something that would not occur often within the realism of nature.
“I did a lot of layering, cutting and bonding. I used a lot of silks and sheers and worked within the realm of building up layers in the organic sense. I also worked with the idea of sculpture and drape, which is something you also see in surrealism through the dripping of paint,” she says.
Elissa says one of her main sources of inspiration was the artist Francis Bacon, who “uses a lot of fleshy tones, but highlights and frames with darker elements and accents.”
Her collection is a successful representation of the complexities inherent in surrealism. You may see one thing, but something else is always coexisting at another level of the art. For example, a lot of the painterly patterns draped across Elissa’s garments appear to be watercolour images constructed by a printer, but once I get a closer look, I see the patterns are actually created through the layering of fabric.
The effect is otherworldly. With so many layers, you would assume there would be a heaviness to the garments. But in fact, they are airy, delicate and light.
As I end our interview, I ask Elissa what she wants people to feel when viewing her collection on the runway.
“I think each to their own. I try and create a bit of a dream sense, but I do want the women who wear my pieces to feel strong and like they know themselves,” she says.
Elissa’s collection definitely transported MBFWA viewers to a dream sense, creating an atmosphere of whimsy that left myself, and the other show-goers, with a feeling of awe over such a beautiful collection and such beautiful craftsmanship. No doubt there will be big things to come for Elissa McGowan.

POC Denim/Outfit Post.

May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

So I have long been obsessed with denim on denim, so when the design duo Marques Almeida came along it was like a dream come true.
The beauty of denim showcased through their raw hems, stiff boxy silhouettes, variety of washes and of course the overall styling truly aligned denim on denim as the new exciting and covetable aesthetic. 
The concept of denim on denim has since been tried and tested, reworked and vamped but I have never gotten over the grungy 90's vibe of the Marques Almeida collection. 

Until now.
Poc Denim x PSG 
It was like a gift from the fashion gods when Melbourne based Poc Denim came into my life.
Not only does the brand celebrate the grunge 90's aesthetic of denim on denim, but the pieces are wearable and within my price range! 
And once again, there is a design duo behind this dazzling denim.

Poc Denim Autumn/Winter Collection
Ashlea Chong and Sarah Alessi, two recent graduates from RMIT, are the wunderkids making my heart ache for more and more denim.
Despite the girls showcasing seperate collections at last years Melbourne Spring Fashion Week's RMIT showcase, the additions of denim in both are undoubtable what brought them together. 

Ashlea Chong RMIT Runway 
Sarah Alessi 
The brand is only one season in, it's recent Autumn/Winter range selling exclusively at Melbourne Pet Shop Girls, and since availability in February they are almost sold out. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some stuff and I'm stopping myself from going back and blowing budget on more, because really their stuff is that damn good and I haven't felt like this excited about a new brand in a while.

Moreover even though it's the duo's first attempt at a collection the pieces are impeccable. The jeans are tailored perfectly, and the denim is a heavy quality fabric. 

From the cropped shapes, high waists, detachable skirts and oversized jackets and boxy dresses, every piece is to die for. 

So you better get in quick if you want to get your paws on some POC because I may just beat you to it. 

Outfit Post: Black & White.

May 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

My favourite colour combo, black and white.
It's my go to palette that never does wrong.
I mix it up with textures and accessories, like this chubby fur coat I have been living in! 

Mossman shirt.
Cotton On pants & jacket.
H&M boots.
Estelle Deve shark tooth ring and necklace.
H&M ear cuff. 

Topshop Terrific.

April 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

All about this cut copy style shoot over at Oyster featuring all Topshop gear plus of course the babe'n Anja. 

MBFWA Womenswear Trend Report.

April 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

To follow up the menswear trend report, here is the womenswear trend report from MBFWA...

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Trend Report

 | April 23, 2013
Words by Jamie-Maree Shipton
While MBFWA showcased Spring/Summer 13/14 looks, you can get ahead of the fashion curve by wearing these styles now. 

Do it like a dude:

Man-style mania at Michael Lo Sordo 

Androgynous and man-style looks were abound at MBFWA, showcasing that Aussie designers have more than just a boyish charm for menswear. Thin, fresh faced models with simple, swept back hair donned shapeless, oversized, and boxy structured silhouettes and exuded an air of relaxed, carefree male attitude on a number of runaways.

The looks were refined, sleek, and minimalist, making this style enviable. Keep it feminine with some balance, like what Michael Lo Sordo did, by showing hints of midriff  for a young and girlish feel.


Metallic foil fabric futurism at Shakuhachi. 
Intergalactic babes at Christina Exie. 

MBFWA showcased ultra modern looks and exaggerated styling that walked down the catwalks on space-age babes. Shakuhachi and Christine Exie went intergalactic, finding inspiration in ‘cyber dystopian style travellers’.
With sportswear influences, these spacesuit-like pieces were mixed with metallic foil fabrics and stuck in mesh mania. The exaggerated proportions and angular shapes, along with sharp edges, created alien-like outfits that were fit for a fresh, fashionable look. Overall, it was a sleek take on the futuristic fashions of previous seasons.

Visual Illusions/Hyper floral:

Pixellating prints at Ginger & Smart.
Panels and lines at Manning Cartell. 

Print overwhelmed the catwalks at MBFWA, with some designers using a panelling effect to draw the eye and slim the waistline, while others stuck to geometric and mirrored patterns that enhanced the female shape.
But it wasn’t all in the name of illusion. A lot of designers used prints to add fun and spark to their collections with hyper floral and futuristic frequencies . Manning Cartell, Dion Lee, and Ginger & Smart all had their own take on the print frenzy, while Elissa McGowan took it further by creating floaty water colour prints with layered fabric.

Sports Luxe:

Mesh, cut-outs and high necks at Bec & Bridge and Lisa Ho. 

This trend is still going strong with several designers at MBFWA channeling the sporting style, albeit with a new ’90s-inspired twist that was exemplified by Bec & Bridge and Lisa Ho.
We saw a lot of runways with mesh, cutout detailing, and sheer panelling mixed with high necks, drawstring pants, and racer backs for that obvious sportswear look. But this season, designers are pairing them with ’90s-inspired streamlined minimalist shapes, form-fitting body-con styles, and slick hairdos for a fresh take that we love.

Globe Trotter:

Eccentric prints at Camilla.  

Bohemian globe trotters at Easton Pearson. 

Vivid colour palettes aplenty were paired with rich and textual embellishment for a more globalised look. Camilla, Roopa Pemmaraju, and Easton Pearson did it best with exotic prints and tribal-like accessories. The looks were kept refined with simple shapes and impeccable styling that created modern bohemian goddesses.

Va-Va Volume:

The volume was turned up HIGH at Alice McCall and Ellery.

Pump up the volume with structured silhouettes and oversized abundance. An antidote to the minimalist looks being showcased by other designers, Alice McCall and Ellery shined with their voluminous collections. The volume was amped up on pants, inflated diaphanous sleeves, baggy blazers, and swathes of layered fabric and boxy shapes to create pieces of a 3D scale.

Accessories Trends:

Stacker style:

Rings adorned every finger at Alice McCall.

Smooth surface rings on every finger ‘Balenciaga Style’ were seen on the Alice McCall catwalk, making everyone that wasn’t already streetstyling this high fashion look get on board.

Need some neon:

Neon perspex goodness backstage at Emma Mulholland (image via Style Bubble). 
In line with the futuristic fashions on the catwalk, accessories also took on a space-age vibe. Emma Mulholland showcased neon perspex pieces in geometric shaped necklaces, chokers, and star shaped cuffs.

Less is more:

The clothes did the talking with bare accessories seen at Christopher Esber. 

If no accessories can be an accessory, I’m all ears. Keep in simple and pair it back like Christopher Esber and Shakuhachi.

MBFWA Menswear Trend Report.

April 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Here's my menswear trend forecast from MBFWA as published over at Moustache Magazine! 

MBFWA Male Trends 2013

 | April 22, 2013
Words by Jamie-Maree Shipton
Although MBFWA was a celebration of womenswear there was also large amount of menswear on offer. Here are the trends Jamie-Maree Shipton picked out that the boys can start wearing now, ahead of the Spring Summer 13/14 season.
Monochromatic: From black on black, black on white and white on white, as long as your working with a monochromatic palette you’ve got it right. From Britten’s design process was pretty black and white ([un intended); to keep the colour palette minimal.  Handsome male models swathed in black and white ensembles and looked anything but morbid. Fading greys were also showcased further playing with the toned done palette of the moment. But don’t worry, this style is anything but boring; mix up your textures and shades to amp up your look.
Black and white was best at From Britten.
Fading greys didn’t mean fading style cred at From Britten.
Sporting style: This trend wasn’t limited to girls; the boys played with it too. Although there was no mesh, racer backs or cut outs, From Britten and Emma Mulholland showed sporting styles fit for fashionable lads.  From Britten paired baggy, parker style jackets over shorts and shirts for a school sports uniform vibe, while Emma Mulholland channeled skiing and surfing for some serious street sportswear. 
Skiing inspired sporty looks at Emma Mulholland.
Deconstructed suiting: Yes, a man can never fail in a suit, but if you really want to do fashion it’s time to step it up and chop it off. Conventional tailoring got a makeover with the expected suit measurements being taken down a notch or two. Sleeves and shorts were cut off, but the collars were still stiff and shoes still shiny. The palette was restrained but the material not; leather shorts and a collared shirt combo anyone? It was about making the expected, unexpected. It’s time to banish the bore and try something fresh and new, and this look certainly ticks that box.
Deconstructed suiting at From Britten. 
Cut off sleeves at Paul Scott.
Printed perfection: Print wasn’t just for the streetstyle peacocks outside Carriageworks; it made more than one appearance on the runways. Even better, the print on pattern panic hit menswear. Vanishing Elephant sent safari suits in exotic prints down the runway, as well as sailor stripes and seagull patterns. Preconceptions about the more-is-more looks was further reduced with the fantastical fun of Emma Mulholland’s menswear selections. Snowflakes and sea-life were placed on matching leopard print tracksuits for maximum print overloads. Don’t shy away from this style; show your love of print and wear more than one.
Stripes and seagulls at Vanishing Elephant.
Print overloads at Emma Mulholland.
Urban walker: Freshen up your look with layers. Paul Scott did it best where the layers weren’t just in the clothing but in the functionality. They were wearable and fashionable.  Jackets over shirts, shirts tied around waists and paired with dropped crouches and cropped style chaps. The looks were youthful, urban and embodied the perfect “I’m too cool for fashion” vibe. Street cred is certain if you amp up the volume and layer. This style is perfect for the guys who enjoy fashion but don’t want to look like they do.
Layer it up like Paul Scott’s creations.

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